A summary of this exciting technology is below, so begin thinking in really small terms! We're all comprised of trillions of microbial cells

that outnumber our human cells by 10:1. Its when we treat, support, boost and excite these cells that we begin to see real improvements

in our health.


Technology Overview



We have been very concerned with the continual decline in the physical, cognitive, and emotional health in the world today, in spite of significant advances in medical science and research.

Our years of research into evolutionary biology, epigenetics, and the human genome, have identified the primary cause of this decline to be the introduction of a disease promoting diet, GMO crops, exposure to toxic chemicals, poisons, heavy metals, the overuse of antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, lack of exercise, and even the long term overuse of toxic herbal remedies which have negatively affected the epigenetics of the human microbiome.

We humans have forgotten that we are an integral part of nature. We are naturally organic beings. We were designed to primarily consume healthy organic living foods. The introduction of chemicals, poisons, toxins, and our trans-generational consumption of highly processed foods and sugar for the last 100 years have created human devolution that is accelerating rapidly into the future. Healthy humans have become the new endangered species.

For the last 100 years we have watched the slow acceleration of the degeneration of human health in the U.S. and throughout the world. In the last 20 years we have witnessed epidemic increases in autism, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, diabetes, MS, and a host of other debilitating conditions. The recently reported introduction of GMO crops in 1995, led to yet another drastic increase in additional new disease conditions, and more and more are created every day. We have been toxifying ourselves at a rate that is greater than the human genome can adapt, and we have found that many of the new designer chemicals, micro bacteria, and endocrine disrupters are not being recognized by the immune system at all.

Traditional dietary supplements, Homeopathy, Chinese Herbals, and Ayurvedic herbs have been marginally effective for the last 2000 years, and were developed at a time when the human microbial bio-flora was much more complete. As we have seen in this new age of chemicals, poisons, and environmental toxins over the last 50 years, things are only getting worse. Recently published studies now show that many of these chemical influences are actually having a negative epigenetic effect on the human genome trans-generationally. The influences of these chemicals and toxins are actually turning off the genes that would otherwise help to protect us from them, and a truly healthy human, not living under the influence of chemicals and drugs, has become the new endangered species.

If we look to nature and to the functionality of all aspects of the human being, at the most basic level we are microbial creatures manifested in human form. We are 100 trillion cells all working for the greater good of the colony of cells each of us calls Self. The recently released human microbiome project from the WHO, also tells us that the total microbial DNA within us, actually outnumbers our own DNA by ten to one. We are 95% microbial beings. We are therefore, literally living under the influence of our personal microbiome. As we allow the influence of toxins, chemicals, GMO crops, non-foods, antibiotics, and lack of exercise to negatively influence our genome and gene expression; disease, sickness, depression, unhealthy thought process and death becomes the new prevailing progression of nature.


Our research has found that a successful program for optimal health would include the reinstatement of the original, organic, non-GMO, chemical-free, living food diet and exercise combined with our patented process allowing the re-administration of the ionically charged, biologically active, nano nutrient and protein fractions, naturally produced by healthy gut and vaginal flora. Delivery is a simple spray of micro, nano, pico, and femto molar particle fractions for quick absorption into the system. Basically, these are micro selective postbiotics following the basic laws of nature.


When we think of questions like: What exactly is a human? What is our immune system? How does our body really work and process food? By what process is a gene expressed? One can come up with some surprisingly simple answers.

In the discovery of the human genome it was interesting that a single DNA strand was approximately six feet long. As the strand was broken down into segments, only several inches of our DNA is actually us (human), all of life as we know it, flora, fauna, etc., is about another ten inches, and the remaining five feet is totally microbial. Back to the beginning of time, all of life on planet earth is expressed in the human genome. Could it be that we are microbial beings manifested in human form? We took this information and began identifying the actual microbes that worked in a symbiotic relationship with our bodies in a healthy state. The Human Microbiome Project (HMP) estimates that there are over 500 strains of friendly natural microbes in the human body. There are also ten times more microbial cells in your body than there are human cells. Which means that the human genome, and gene expression is structured out of the microbial genome of which there is a tenfold domination. As we disrupt this fragile microbial symbiotic relationship with the influences of poor diet, antibiotics, poisons, toxins, chemicals, drugs, etc., change, mutations, and disease occur. It’s the natural progression of nature, life and death.

Our multiple patented proprietary process, selectively allows these friendly symbiotic microbes to process healthy, organic, nutrients and healthy food sources, without toxic chemical intervention. They in turn produce the micro, nano, pico, and femto, ionically charged, particle fractions that are ultimately turning on genes that provide nutritional support for our optimal health and well-being.

All of our products are developed using only 100% natural, organic, vegan ingredient sources. They are like no other products in the world. With other products you think macro, in milligrams and grams. With our products you think micro, nano, pico, and femto. Extremely small, ionically charged nutrients that know exactly what to do. After all, they have been doing it for billions of years.


We have all heard the term, you are what you eat. But now science is making discoveries that not only are you what you ate, but you are also what your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and beyond ate, lived and experienced. This process is called genetic expression, and it is nature's way of creating you in your most perfect adaptive human form. As cells are dying and being replaced every millisecond, ever so slight mutations occur to make you more suitable to your prevailing conditions. This is your DNA checking in with your mRNA for instructions on how to design your new cell. The mRNA then tells the DNA to slightly modify selective genes (turning them on or off) through what are called transcription factors with the intent of building a better more adaptable you. As humans, we and our ancestors, have all endured multigenerational exposures to a multitude of toxins, mycoplasmas, bacteria, prescription drugs, chemicals, poisons, GMO’s, heavy metals, highly processed foods, stress, the media, and so much more. Our human genome has not been able to adapt in a timely manner, resulting in the ever-increasing prevalence of physical distress, crime, violence, obesity and cognitive impairment.


The field of epigenetics tells us that we are not our genes, and that everything can change for the better. That we can actually reverse prevailing gene expression (the old story) based on our thoughts, emotions, environmental conditions, detoxification processes, the re-administration of healthy gut flora, and an organic living food diet. We no longer need to be victims to our genetic history. We take a large part of the mystery and time constraints of gene expression out of your worries with our patented process. Our nutrient delivery system (the new story) helps to create positive gene expression through epigenetics, helping your body to identify modern chemicals, toxins, and poisons, and teaching the body a new story of health, healing and regeneration.  

We have developed an entirely new and unique process to deal with our modern day health dilemmas. By following the most simple rules of nature, we have taken organic, vegan, nutrient-dense, whole food sources and allowed them to be predigested through our micro fermentation process, without the normal digestive influences of poisons, toxins, chemicals, unfriendly bacteria, and microbial imbalances. The result is nature’s most perfect dietary supplements; nano, colloidal, and ionic, endogenous micronutrients, and transcription factors, all completely natural to the human genome. 


Once we come to our moment of truth, usually when we are facing a life challenging health issue, how much time will be left? We have all experienced a lifetime of toxin accumulation, and the inherited genetic influences passed on to us from previous generations. Is there time enough to reverse our lifetime of poor dietary choices, and eliminate our toxic cellular body burden? We say yes. Where there is life, there is hope.