3:00 PM15:00

An Evening with Diana Rogers & Hilary Boynton

Join us Sunday, March 11, 3-6 pm in Topanga Canyon at the home of author Hilary Boynton for an afternoon of local food, drink and lively discussion of the upcoming film Kale vs Cow: The Case for Better Meat. Diana Rodgers, a “real food” dietitian living on a working, regenerative farm has partnered with filmmaker, Myna Joseph, to launch this ambitious project. Both will be on hand to discuss the story behind the film and share a short clip.

Hilary Boynton and Slow Food Ventura County are your hosts and will provide locally sourced food, drink, coffee and dessert across the afternoon. The time is dedicated to building community, unity and the need to support better farming and planetary management practices in all aspects of food production.

$10 at the door. RSVP is required through the Eventbrite ticket portal ( Space is limited.


3:00 - 4:15 Cocktails and Appetizers

4:15 - 4:45 Introductions and Trailer

4:45 - 5:30 Dinner Items

5:30 - 6:00 Dessert and Coffee

About Hilary and Diana

Hilary Boynton is the author of The Heal Your Gut Cookbook, creator of the LiveYumYum brand and director of nutrition services at the Manzanita School in Topanga Canyon. Her next book will be based around the experience of bringing ancestral-based meals onto the campus and helping others do the same.

Diana Rodgers is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner living on a working organic farm west of Boston. She also runs the Sustainable Dish website, the Sustainable Dish podcast, and is working on bringing Kale vs Cow to life in partnership with director Myna Joseph.

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Walk With Sally: For the Kids (FTK) Speaker Series
7:00 PM19:00

Walk With Sally: For the Kids (FTK) Speaker Series

Join FTK, a group of like-minded, young at heart professionals, as we host our first Speaker Series: Mentors in our Community #ForTheKids! 

Participating Speakers

These leaders come from different backgrounds, experiences and entrepreneurial paths and will be sharing their journey and experiences as well as some tips and tricks on how to be a positive light and leader within your own community. Don't forget your notebook and make sure to bring a friend or someone who will also be inspired by the evening! You don't want to miss out...each attendee will be entered into a raffle to win an exciting giveaway!

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to Nov 17

Basic Traditional Cooking – “COOLKING”

700 W Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802

Hilary Boynton (with Mandy Lee)

Introducing “COOLKING” with super food moms: real recipes made fun and delicious from moms who do it every day. We’re bringing ‘cool’ back to grandma-style cooking. We gotta make it fun or, let’s face it, you ain’t gonna do it! These two moms have five kids–each!–who’ve battled health issues from cancer to eczema and autism to epilepsy. So let’s just say, we get it! We have been in the trenches and came through with stronger hearts, open minds, and some great strategies for having FUN.

In this class we’ll enjoy a relaxed and informative session reviewing traditional cooking techniques from America while integrating the complementary methods from around the world, all the while keeping it functionally simple. From homemade bone broth made easy, to kefir, to butter and ghee, to almond and coconut milks, to yummy treats and family dinners, we will tackle a wide range of deliciousness.  Oh, and there will be a “fizztacular” finale that will add a whole new perspective to your whole and healthy lifestyle!
Reclaiming our kitchens is rejuvenating and liberating as traditional methods of cooking are healing to the mind, body and soul! But there is a caveat: if your gut is leaky and your tank is not clean, no matter what you eat, it can backfire. Stressing the importance of a “clean fish tank”, a “sealed gut” and what we have found to be the ULTIMATE SECRET to gaining homeostasis in the body, will be revealed and discussed while together we “stir the pot” and “break bread”…yes we said bread!

At the end of this class, cooking will no longer seem like a chore. It’s a platform for a spectacular life. After all, life is good and full of opportunity, so let’s live it that way!

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