Wise Traditions 16th Annual Conference

Anaheim November 13-16

700 W Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802

Hilary Boynton (with Mandy Lee)
Basic Traditional Cooking – “COOLKING”                     Monday 9:00-4:00
Introducing “COOLKING” with super food moms: real recipes made fun and delicious from moms who do it every day. We’re bringing ‘cool’ back to grandma-style cooking. We gotta make it fun or, let’s face it, you ain’t gonna do it! These two moms have five kids–each!–who’ve battled health issues from cancer to eczema and autism to epilepsy. So let’s just say, we get it! We have been in the trenches and came through with stronger hearts, open minds, and some great strategies for having FUN.
In this class we’ll enjoy a relaxed and informative session reviewing traditional cooking techniques from America while integrating the complementary methods from around the world, all the while keeping it functionally simple. From homemade bone broth made easy, to kefir, to butter and ghee, to almond and coconut milks, to yummy treats and family dinners, we will tackle a wide range of deliciousness.  Oh, and there will be a “fizztacular” finale that will add a whole new perspective to your whole and healthy lifestyle!
Reclaiming our kitchens is rejuvenating and liberating as traditional methods of cooking are healing to the mind, body and soul! But there is a caveat: if your gut is leaky and your tank is not clean, no matter what you eat, it can backfire. Stressing the importance of a “clean fish tank”, a “sealed gut” and what we have found to be the ULTIMATE SECRET to gaining homeostasis in the body, will be revealed and discussed while together we “stir the pot” and “break bread”…yes we said bread!
At the end of this class, cooking will no longer seem like a chore. It’s a platform for a spectacular life. After all, life is good and full of opportunity, so let’s live it that way!